Live A Live: Prehistory Crafting Guide


Live A Live: Prehistory Crafting Guide

How to put some meat on those bones.

Live A Live – Walkthrough – Ep. 4: Prehistory Chapter – Pogo

Pogo starts his journey to make a man out of himself. Beyond his journey lies friendship, adversary, and love. Calling all gamers! Fireboy and Watergirl is a must-play. Explore the temples of the elements at

Note: I grinded in between level 10-14 but I edited it out because it is redundant. I mostly did it on the Kuu Warriors unlimited from the caves before entering the last dungeon.

Prehistory Chapter – Pogo (1/1)
00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Chapter Select: Prehistory
00:57 – Prologue
04:42 – The First
12:05 – Game For Gathering Materials
21:25 – Crafting Equipments
40:26 – Hunting Meat
50:27 – Sneaking in Bel
01:02:15 – Impressing Bel
01:20:59 – Kuu Tribe Invades
01:23:38 – Pogo Saves the Day
01:30:46 – Pogo Banished
01:48:30 – Bel Abducted Again
01:51:32 – Zaki and Pogo Duel
01:54:13 – Trapped Underground
02:03:39 – Infiltrating the Kuu Tribe
02:30:27 – Preparing For King Mammoth
02:36:32 – The Basic Rock
02:39:27 – King Mammoth Fight
02:55:45 – Saving Bel
03:00:17 – Odo
03:04:50 – Ending Credits

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LIVE A LIVE – Prehistory Full Walkthrough Gameplay Nintendo Switch No Commentary

LIVE A LIVE – Prehistory Full Walkthrough Gameplay Nintendo Switch No Commentary
Nintendo Switch OLED 30FPS 1080p
LIVE A LIVE © Square Enix

LIVE A LIVE features multiple characters to play as, with each chapter set in its own time period offering unique gameplay mechanics and locations. Who knows what awaits when all eight tales have been told?

Every time period features its own story and characters, with bespoke gameplay mechanics that make each one a unique experience.

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Live a Live HD: Prehistory Chapter: The First

Welcome to Prehistory! This chapter is one of the closest ones the game gets to being a standard RPG. This video covers everything from the story, the Mammoth King superboss, the Rock of Rocks/Basic Rock and this chapter’s Watanabe scene. More info to follow below~

The Left/Right game in the very beginning of the chapter can be used to farm resources very early. I’d recommend doing so three or four times if you’d like to cut down on grinding later.

To gain access to Mammoth King, you need to turn back after the second Zaki encounter, where Mammoth King is now roaming around the first area. He cannot be battled with Beru in the party unfortunately.

The Rock of Rocks can be accessed towards the end of the chapter by returning to the strange face-shaped rock towards the end of the first area. You must press A exactly 100 times to unlock a cave on the west side of the area. (this may have changed to allow for more, but I didn’t test it.) Once there, you MUST offer a Bone, nothing else will work. Enjoy your reference~

The constant quickcuts during crafting were to consult a crafting guide, linked here
This uses the Aeon Genesis SNES translation names for it, so it took me a second to mentally translate it.

Sing Hurt on Beru is the most busted skill in the chapter. The final boss here isn’t really difficult without it, but he’s a complete joke with it. I’d recommend getting Beru up to the requisite level ASAP since you lose her so quickly and cannot make her stronger afterwards.